Most unique creators are hard to come by and imo the short

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“I think sticking to the run gave us a chance to get back into this ballgame,” Colts quarterback Andrew Luck said.”Yeah, I thought we did stay patient with the run game, even when we got behind. We talked about it at halftime (that) we didn’t want to abandon it,” Reich told reporters after the game.Moving forward, Luck knows the Colts need to establish Mack and the run game early in games and not have to worry about the balance in the second half in order to keep defenses on their toes much more often.”No one said we need to force that balance, but we need to create that balance early and sustain it, and that’s what we’ll work on,” Luck said.What the most effective way of cleaning semen from your keyboard?But seriously, until he gets endzone carries, and gets more passes instead of Hines, I would be skeptical. He still definitely a great RB1 and I bet week 5 was his worst week of the whole season, but I be shocked if he as good the rest of the year as he was the first four weeks, which might be what it would take to hang with those guys.

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